Are you sailing on this boat? You are a successful entrepreneur. Your brick and mortar company are performing well and earning you whooping revenues. But things are changing. The company can no longer grow in your locality. You do not have the capital to launch your company offices and subsidiaries in other territories. Tough laws and international business policies are huge obstacles in your journey. By good luck, you have heard about e-commerce.
Also, someone informed you about enterprise e-commerce platforms that are suitable for your company to go online. You decided to invest your time in the process of finding the best one for your business. The journey is tough, and you do not want to make mistakes. By now, you have come along hundreds of e-commerce solutions. But being in business for long, you have avoided developers and marketers’ hypes.
However, you are now on a dead-end and in a dilemma. Two platforms that meet your criteria – Shopify plus and BigCommerce enterprise are at your disposal. You do not know which is better for you as both have similar and almost the same features. Well, if you are in this situation, here are 3 reasons to consider Shopify plus and not the BigCommerce:


The ease of use is a priority for the newbies when choosing an e-commerce platform. You do not need a platform that will make you spend an entire year building a simple site. You desire to sell online. For this reason, a platform that allows you to make a website and start selling immediately is a preference. Shopify Plus conforms to this aspect.
Like other plans in the Shopify package, ease of use is a priority. You have a chance to build your online store without needing the assistance of a technical guru. Also, it has a simple web editor with your duty being drag-and-drop.  Even though BigCommerce enterprise is also a hosted platform, it has a complex web editor which may be a challenge for newbies in their web development journey.


As a newbie, you desire to grow your business. You want to expand your customer base. Also, increasing your revenue cannot be a bad idea. For this reason, you seek an enterprise e-commerce platform that will keep you on the trend in and out of season. In particular, a platform that can help you remain on the prevailing and upcoming trends can be a good idea. Shopify plus ensures you are among the leaders in your niche. You get top ranking and innovative features.
For instance, the platform allows you to transform each customer meet-up point into a selling channel. Whether you meet them when playing online games or chatting on Facebook, you have the capacity of making them buyers. This option is not available with BigCommerce enterprise which only allows you to sell through a few social platforms. So, if you are looking on to standout, you should go for Shopify as your platform.


No doubt. Mobile commerce becomes the future of e-commerce. Per annual, the number of sales happening through mobile devices are doubling. In contrary, sales happening through PC are showing a downward trend. With more features being added on the mobile devices, no doubt that m-commerce will be the online business shaper.
As this becomes a reality, you need an enterprise e-commerce platform that supports the selling idea. Shopify plus comes with a bulk of features to help you realize your mobile commerce dreams. With it, you can be at peace and enjoy a high number of sales. BigCommerce enterprise does a little on this area.

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