3 Features To Enable You Decide Whether To Go For BigCommerce or Shopify Plus

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3 Features To Enable You Decide Whether To Go For BigCommerce or Shopify Plus

Are you in this situation? You are new to the e-commerce world. You have been operating a successful enterprise business. After sometime, you have decided it is time to join others in the online platform and try your fortune there. Checking on your peers, half of them are on BigCommerce enterprise while the other is on Shopify Plus. You are in confusion on which bandwagon to board. Both enterprise platforms seem to be similar to you making it hard to make a choice. Well, when it comes to choosing a platform, the first thing you need to consider is the features. Features define your freedom and capabilities in a platform. If you are facing the selection challenges, here are 3 features to check:

Security features

Unless you are from Mars, you understand cybercrime is a major threat. Each dawn, a company suffers a hacking or an online scam. Considering you are an enterprise level entrepreneur, a cyber-attack will have a huge impact on a large group of online customers and vendors. As such, you need to be conscious and observant in the selection process. While both BigCommerce enterprise and Shopify plus offer security features, it is essential to go deeper and determine which is more secure. For instance, Shopify plus offers advanced security features and has regular software updates. This aspect is not available in BigCommerce enterprise

Customer support

Certainly, no enterprise e-commerce platform provider will guarantee you 100% uptime. From time to time, you will experience downtimes and other technical issues. However, the rate of solving those challenges matters a lot. In this essence, customer support is crucial. Both Shopify plus and BigCommerce enterprise offer customer support. However, the two platforms differ in their nature. Shopify has professionals with dedication and commitment to helping customers. On the other hand, BigCommerce concentrates on community customer support. So, depending on the type of support you will like, you can go for one of these platforms.

Payment gateways

As an enterprise level webpreneur, you deal with diverse customers. These customers will prefer using certain payment options depending on the level of trust they have for each. For Shopify plus, you offer your customers more than 70+ payment gateways. So, your customers have a freedom of choice. Also, BigCommerce enterprise has several payment gateways. However, they are from the third party. Hence, it is questionable on the security and reliability of the gateways.

In a word, considering these features will help you to make the right choice.

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