3 Ways Shopify Plus Harness Your Multichannel Selling Than BigCommerce

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3 Ways Shopify Plus Harness Your Multichannel Selling Than BigCommerce

Are you seeking to enhance your online enterprise multichannel selling? If so, Shopify plus should be your preferable enterprise e-commerce platform.

As an enterprise level entrepreneur, you deal with different types of customers. You have reseller and direct consumers. With these customers come differing tastes and preference. Customers preferences and tastes do not end on products and services you offer to them. Rather they follow the same concepts in determining where to buy them. As a result, multichannel selling is becoming a necessity,not a choice. For you to remain on business and to makea profit, you need to take your products to where they spend their time. Also, you need to enable them to buy from you at their convenience. Here are ways through which Shopify plus streamlines your multichannel selling than BigCommerce enterprise:

Centralized inventory management for over 100 selling channels

Inventory management is like the heart in a human body. If it stops working, the human life ends. The same case, poor inventory management is the last nail to your online enterprise. Particularly, when selling through multiple channels, you need smart inventory management. Other than offering you the opportunity to sell on more than 100 channels, Shopify plus provides you with a centralized inventory management point. Hence at no time will your customers see different figures on different selling channels. Also, the data updating happens automatically. With this, you have an opportunity to realize your company goals and profitability. BigCommerce enterprise has a challenge in enhancing this possibility.

Scalability and the ability to reach a large audience

Probably, one of your objectives is selling to the global community. You want to make your company a global brand through getting your step in every corner of the world. Shopify plus supports this objective; the platform is available to more than 190 countries. Also, it enables you to communicate with your potential customers using their local language. It does this through providing you with multilingual features. Hence, even though your customers use channels that do not have an English version, you can still sell to them. This way it helps you to reach out to more customer through localized channels.

Seamless integration with selling channels

For you to boost you multichannel selling for your online enterprise, your site must have the capacity to integrate with them. Shopify plus enhances your multichannel selling through seamless integration. It is ready for current and future selling channels. This aspect is different with BigCommerce where you have to face several challenges in adding extra selling channels.

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